View channels from all over the world!

Do you want to view channels from all over the world? How about viewing the American channels and then viewing the Arab channels? How about tuning into the Daily soaps of Australia? and then viewing the news of Russia?

It is all possible, and all you need is your Dish and a STB, this works at least with the Zenega STB. Well, all you have to do is rotate your dish to the appropriate angle, you can check out for seeing which satellite you want, it has all the details of which channels you can view, and what angle should you rotate your dish to, afterwards, program the details into your STB, it can be achieved by the edit SAT function of the STB.

Put in all the details, and then check the signal quality, rotate the dish to your angle and you will see that the signal quality has increased, after that, delete all channels from your STB and then search for new channels, voila! You now are viewing the channels of another country!

Although this has a downside, that you will only be able to view the free to air channels, although thats as good as it can get. Be optimistic though, maybe your local dealer will start keeping all the Smartcards of various satellites soon!

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