The problems with DishTV update

Alright so as I mentioned earlier, DishTV software has been updated on my Zenega Set Top box, now I have realized how much I have lost with this upgrade of the DishTV software.

  • No Tuning: Now you cannot tune your channels and see the signal strength of the satellite transmission. You cannot just go to the Menu and delete all channels, reset them and check the signal strength to get new channels etc.
  • Customized SAT no more: You can’t feed your DishTV set top box with any new satellite information now. The only satellite you have access to is what the DishTV people have given you, which is NSS6
  • No more Free To Air!: Now because there is no tuning and setting options available on DishTV, we can NOT tune to any new satellite and catch its channels that are free to air, no more international access anymore!
  • Channel browsing!: Earlier it was so easy to browse through the channels in DishTV, you could just press ok and the whole channel list would come and then you could easily select the chanel you wanted and go on it, but now for going to a channel you don’t know the number of, you must go through each channel, and sometimes to add to it you can also miss the channel somewhere in between and go through the whole cycle again multiple times to find the right channel.
  • Can’t edit TP: You cannot edit the TP settings anymore, the TP are provided by DishTV whenever they upgrade the box and you got to live with it.
  • Sound Quality degratory: The earlier DVD quality sound is not even CD quality now and there are lot of mismatches and lags which cause the sound to go behind the movie or ahead of it sometimes.
  • Video Quality: Sometimes in the new DishTV updated channels, horizontal slanting lines start appearing which degrades the quality of the video signal provided by DishTV. This is not the problem of the NSS6 satellite, but this is the problem of the software that it is unable to translate the signal properly into the telecast.

Therefore the recent DishTV update has removed a lot of things from the software which was earlier available on our set top boxes. So now well lets be satisfied with what we have, at least this software has quite enough to offer so that we don’t get too hurt because of what DishTV has removed from our lives! I’ll mention the new features in my upcoming posts, the things that will give you happiness of mind that oh well Dish TV gave us something good at least!

OHH and I forgot to mention the BIGGEST thing we lost in this update! God how can I forget it, well ladies and gentlemen, we have also lost the BELOVED Block Game, yeah and I know all of you are very sad right now at the RIP notice of the Block Game, oh well good times and bad times! (That was on the good side of mine, but actually , to inform the newcomers to this website, NOBODY liked that stupid block game)

Be Optimistic!
Mr. Channel

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