Internet… is possible!

Internet on your very own STB, how cool would that be, instead of getting bored watching TV, you can just decide to surf your favorite websites, this is not just a possibility, but is something that is very possible in the future.

If your mobile phone can have internet with a little Data Card inserted into it, why can’t your Television, with DSL access to the Satellite through the STB, provide you High Speed internet? It is very possible, and has been done numerous times in other countries.

So you can just expect that Internet is on its way! After DishTV is done with its new updates and Playjam, and after Tata Sky is done adding all its channels, we will be entitled for THE Internet on our STBs, of course typing etc. wouldn’t be this easy, but who knows? Maybe people will become better typists on their remotes!

Be optimistic

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