Comparison between HD services in India

The HD boxes from Tata Sky and Reliance that are used for the comparison may record and pause live tv

Most of the suppliers deliver a reduction if you’re upgrading from their own existing standard-definition DTH service. Several of the suppliers additionally give further discounts if you buy half-yearly, or yearly subscription packs. The calculations concerned are too complicated for us to compute and show in a very simplified manner

For the sake of simplicity, we’ve calculated monthly price based mostly on the most cost effective doable package offered by every of those suppliers, adding the monthly price of the most cost effective HD package offered. If you’d need additional channels like most of our geeks, then your cost-mileage may vary.

We were unable to seek out out the extra price of HD channels for Airtel and Reliance HD services (or if there’s a further cost) from their respective websites

We should mention that the Reliance HD service we’ve taken up for comparison is that the HD DVR service. They even have an HD service while not the DVR choice, at a less expensive upfront price

We were additionally unable to work out the precise channels offered by Airtel and Reliance in HD

Dish TruHD includes a multitude of channels at differing worth levels; for the sake of simplicity, we’ve taken their most cost-effective accessible HD package

As so much because the interface goes, we’ve solely seen Tata Sky’s, Sun Direct’s, and Reliance’s. Of these, Reliance has the foremost cluttered, with Tata Sky managing to scrape through into a reasonably useable zone, whereas Sun Direct includes a terribly clean and modern-looking User Interface

As always, any data within the table below is subject to change; seriously, ask the respective suppliers for full details before giving up your hard-earned make the most exchange for one in all these HD.

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