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Equipping Equipment Enables A Television Network Provide Relay With Quality

Present television linked in network is not with clarity, many channels are with lines and public does not watch them, these channels should have to upgrade their equipment to provide quality relay to public, most of the televisions company is

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Future Problems For Digital Television Networks

There are plenty of services are available in providing television channels to home directly from sat light, but change in government could make many changes in sharing space waves, this kind of change in government, can control operators who are

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Television Network Connection An Overview

Government is permitting many companies to provide DTH connection of television programs to homes. DTH is direct from sati light to home. In general, all homes are provided a dish antenna and this antenna is receiving signals of television wave

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Notice given to 3 DTH operators for not display compulsory channels

The ministry of Information and Broadcasting has also issued the showcase notices to main 3 private DTH service providers for not displaying the 24 compulsory channels to its subscribers. As per the rules which are laid down by ministry, it

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Which DTH service provider provides best package for sports channel?

For every sports fan value their passion, there may really be just no justification for missing the great piece of the sporting action. Hence, why do you need to deal with the cable or with the DTH service which does

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Bharti Airtel Planning to invest about Rs.4, 000 crores in Punjab

To expand and to contribute towards digital drive of inclusion in Punjab, Bharti Airtel is expected to invest more than Rs.4, 000 crore in next 5 years, as per the statement of company said on Monday. Punjab government and Airtel

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Issuance of Consultation paper about issues regarding DTH

TRAI has released the supplementary consultation paper about the issues regarding to new licences of DTH. Customers were requested to post their comments and views on this consultation paper. This supplementary consultation paper was released in which, amongst various others,

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TRAI releases the supplementary consultation paper about ‘Issues regarding the New DTH Licences’

TRAI, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has released the supplementary consultation paper about the ‘Issues related to the Licences of New DTH ‘. Previously, in response to MIB, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, dated 3rd Sept.2013, TRAI issued a discussion

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Kamal Haasan seeks govt protection to release ‘Viswaroopam’

This, after he received threats that the movie will be pirated, power supply to theatres screening it would be suspended Kamal Haasan has sought help from the police and government after receiving threats that his new movie Viswaroopam, which is

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Arrested Tata Sky employee spent Rs 30L on bar girls

One of two Tata Sky employees against whom the Economic Offences Wing of Mumbai Police is filing charges of cheating the DTH provider of close to Rs 7.5 crore, has spent about Rs 30 lakh of the pilfered money on

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